And I believe, you are the One for me.

21st on every month meant a special meaning to me, to us.  Every 21st on each month, I would always ensure that I am on my best mood because it celebrate milestone for our relationship, a month more of love, tender and care. It’s funny when people ask me why you make it a point to celebrate or to even dedicate a post on every 21st. I always try to dedicate a post unless I have nothing to show. Funny how people always think that on Instagram, I always hashtag our hashtag with picture on us it mean that we are showing off. How funny is it? Jealousy? Maybe yes? I’m not sure but I don’t care anyway.

Whenever, I feel down or bad, I would look through our photos/videos together. Whenever I am upset with him, I will always do that because It reminds me on how we spend our happy days together. We have to keep reminding ourselves that whenever bad things happen and that’s how we should always do to ensure that the relationship will grow. I love how I am with him. Now he’s being the one who is always trying to talk to me into getting myself to be a better me. I have been going through tough period and I bet the future would be even tougher but I am prepared because I have all the supports with me. So thankful for his existence, his presence to make me feel like the most blessed woman on Earth. Can’t wait to get married with him and I have been getting butterflies every time when he talked about his future plans with me. And I am always believing that he is the One for me. Can’t wait to marry my dream guy, the one who has always been the one who I want to call him hubby. The father to my child.


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