“If I don’t have the talent then I could only work hard.”

Did I mention this before? I really hate it when people start to question the purpose of me doing some things especially doing both working and studying together. I got many questions on ‘ why? ‘ Seriously? There must be a reason to everything and my reason is very simple. ” If other people can, why can’t I? ” I always give this reason to people and they would kill me with their eyes and go on with ” what? Why are you doing this?” ” Your dad is able to support you etc.” Oh my goodness.. and the worst part? They would end up with a ” I think it shouldn’t be too difficult to study and work at the same time cause I don’t really see you being stress.” Seriously… I really wish I could just kill them off with my dead stare. You know the kind of ” I wish I could throw a rock into your face if I could.”


I really hate it when people asked me why I want to do both studying and working at the same thing. Or worse, ask me why am I working when I am suppose to study. In life, We are given choices and I am glad that I made this choice because I NEVER regret. The road might be tough but I am more thankful for this choice.

I always asked myself this question ” If other can do it, why can’t I?” This is the first question I always ask myself when I got to make choices. It has became my motto if you were to ask my family members especially my sisters. And I am more than thankful for this motto because it kind of shape me to who I am today.


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