Sacrifices is the essence of love.

Fan is not working x daddy is not in Singapore x Assignment not done x mood damn bad x

I hate it when my fan is not working and I can’t concentrate with my work because I feel like I got a lot of things not settled and done with. Just ordered the birthday cake for my 21st. And realise I still have quite a number of things not bought yet. I am so busy? Now I need to make sure that my assignment can be done and completed so that I would be able to concentrate on other things. But I am so tired with everything. My grandpa keep coughing real badly and he’s denying the fact that it was caused by his smoking habits. I don’t know what to do with him because he refuse to listen to us. My bf like to do things to piss me off when I know it is not entirely his fault but he does not like to give comments because he know that his comments is redundant. But seriously, why can’t I find someone who can understand my needs. He like to wait and wait and I hate to wait and wait. Sometimes I really feel like giving up on everything because it’s like I am the one wanting to make things happen and he doesn’t want all this to happen. I also don’t know what is he thinking most of the time. 


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