‘ You see her when you close your eyes’

Today I almost cried when I typed all those long messages to him. Today I realise that although we have always been going through boring moments together because we are always busy with work, shop, school and have different timing to accommodate to. I realise that we really went through a lot. Maybe more than what some couples experienced, maybe lesser than what some other couple experienced too. But I’m glad because at the end of the day, we are still very much in love with one another.

Sometimes, I do wonder how come we would end up with each other. I guess it must all be fate because we just end up falling back into love again.. I would never regret being in love with him. I wonder what got into me when I used to said that my feelings kind of fade and I always like to talk angry issues with him whenever he make me really pissed, upset and disappointed. I don’t know if girls are really sensitive or is it only me. I can feel what he feel at times, but he always brush it off whenever I mentioned about it. Seriously hope that he doesn’t make me angry when he do those stupid stuffs AGAIN. Like wth every time when I see it, i will be like ‘ wth/wtf are you doing this to me!?’ I think guys never change? ‘ A leopard never change its spots’

Haha Something fishy with my bf because he has been extremely sweet and thoughtful towards me which is weird hahahaha


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