Happy 2014!

I ended my 2013 with both my parents and boyfriend with dinner at JB, watching tv and waking up to the sound of fireworks! So blessed to have them with me because they said that it’s important to have your love ones with you when you count down for 2014 because it represent 1314. We were kind of feeling old not like my sisters who went down to countdown with their group of friends. 他陪着我跨越1314, and whispered 5201314 when the clock strike twelve. I think that’s something that is worth being bless with. I’m bless with angels around me :”) Can’t wait for things to be get into planned although the road would be filled with difficulties but I know if we do it together we will be able to make it! 

I laughed when I read back my last post because it’s January 2014 and I have not unpacked my luggage yet. It’s going to be a new semester all over again on this coming Monday. Can’t wait for class to start because I want to finish off my degree soon so that I can start to work and earn money to start my family with him. I realise I always fail to complete my new year resolution therefore this year I want to make it simple. ” Everybody to be happy and be healthy, my dad to not to be so stressful over his business’ 


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