Hectic Semester exams

I find it amusing whenever my parents commented that my room is in a huge mess and I always tend to reply them with a ‘ I can find my things easily when it’s messy!!’  Anyway I should do something to my room such as unpacking my luggage which I came back in August, Yes I have not unpacked the luggage other than taking out those dirty laundry and some necessities. Well, I am a very lazy person.

I’m left with the last paper which is the paper that I hate it? not sure if I love it or hate it because it is econs. well I like econs when I am in Poly but this econs is different from what I learnt in Poly. I am always glad when I got to skip those bridging when I entered for my University because going through accounts and economics is a torture and I keep avoiding to study for this upcoming econs but I know if I avoid now, I would have to restudy again for the next semester. I know nuts about it right now because I keep hoping that I could pass it since it is my last paper but I know nothing about it in my brain. maybe just some memories that I studied previously during mid semester? My mid semester results are crazy because I did not study hard enough and no point for me to regret about it. So i got to start studying now. Last paper and hopefully I can bid goodbye to all because I dont want to remodule it again.  3 modules in a semester is a really hectic semester and hopefully I can get it over and done with. 


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