Life can be a hassle at some point of time.

I find it funny when my dad always shake his head when he sees my room. Haha I think I’m a messy person because I always mess up my own table and my wardrobe is really 惨不忍睹。 haha but I find it contradicting when I really like all those pouches to make my bag look more organised. I think I am really weird haha. I went holiday in august and it’s October now and my luggage is still unpacked other than taking out the dirty clothes out, all those other items are still in there. I can be awarded the most lazy person at home haha. But I hate to make it neat and then I can’t find my things,that’s why I always ask my maid to not touch my things haha.

Did I mention that my bf got me a Samsung note3? haha starting to get used to it. Love it when I can download songs directly to my phone without syncing and converting.  I am a super lazy person and I really hope the account for ttpod works unlike kkbox unless I have to pay monthly subscription which is hell no.  Have not been having enough sleep these few weeks.  I really love to listen to music and sjng along. feels so great to be home tonught just doing my own things. Sigh dark circles. I wished I could put on make up again.


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