Films and dramas

Boyfriend brought me to the movie today. We caught

20131006-001743.jpg and I would to say that his movie is always something that I’m looking forward to! I think he really film big and good movies and I can’t wait for jiro to have a chance to act in his film! Back to the movie, I think the actions are really exciting although it’s more of graphical cause there’s a lot of computerised stuffs but oh well, all the actors and actresses acting are superb hehe. It’s always a plus point when you see people who you are familiar with acting in a good story plot! I remembered our last movie was in hongkong! Caught

20131006-002209.jpg and their figure is damn good haha!!

Back to watching

20131006-002304.jpg again because I missed out the first few episodes! I think it is one of the few best tvb drama to date!! Watching back this drama always bring back memories of us in hongkong! Sigh if I wasn’t that sick when we were there, we could have explore more places! Oh well, there’s always next time hopefully.


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