Hongkong Trip with baby

First holiday trip with Boyfriend on 20/08/2013-27/08/2013 to Hongkong to relax our mind. If you ever asked me about how I feel about this trip, I would say that I felt like I am the world’s most happiest girl even though I am always happy. Lol. It’s like I got all his attention because usually in Singapore, when we met up we will still use our phone to do our own things, but in HK it’s like both of us have 100% attention to one another and it is something different when we are in Singapore.

So we explore and shop and keep eating and always smiling and I feel really comfortable with him even though I was pretty ill when I’m there. He took good care of me like a baby, buying medicine and sweets and will always ensure that I drink plenty of water etc. we went supermarket to shop for groceries, we went to catch a move, we shop around and he complained that he never walk so long hours before. Hahaha even though he will complain, but he is still willing to do it with me and I’m really glad because he make me love him even more. So blessed to be with him, really felt as if I am his wife. LOL.


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