Love story

Many people commented that I always smile to myself and I guess he is the reason why. So, it had been like 8 years? Really don’t understand why I will look at his face and went crazy over him when I was only 13. I must be really crazy to fall in love with someone who I barely know? Someone who is always high on himself.. Someone who is quite popular in school yet I was a nobody back then.

Thinking back about the crazy things that I did alone or with my friends during secondary school time really make me have the thinking that ‘ where did I get all those courage from!? ‘ it’s funny how I always look back about the memories and how my friends talked to me about how I used to be crazy about him in school. They all said that my eyes have only him in school. True that! Even though I went through major heartbreak which I think that he’s a bastard for making me going through those shits and I trying to be strong to not be sad over it, but in the end crying over it so many times and getting my heart broken everytime I see him in school… When I hear about rumours about him and his girls, I always wish to tear their face off… Hahahah I was just kidding even though I really wish I could.

Couldn’t believe that I always stay so calm and strong everytime when I see him in school but in my heart, I was crying for him.. Really wished that he was mine all along… Haha so, it’s like a dream came true when he was finally touched by the efforts that I made. Yes, it sound like drama but that’s how it happen!! He came back into my life when I was almost giving him up! Okay I wasn’t giving him up but I was like ‘ I will be fine when I don’t see him’ so I always try to avoid When he is around, I just stop going places that have our memories, places that remind me of him.

And damn, he just have to come back. And I just accept it because it was like a dream came true? You know that kind of feeling when you are always hoping and then you et disappointed everytime but when you stop hoping, a miracle came true? Everybody was happy for me and I was happy for myself. I couldn’t believe it for the first few months thinking that he will leave me again like how he used to. But his actions and love never stop from there… And how we are still so much in love now..

I’m really glad that I didn’t give up in the past because if I did, I would have missed this guy who make my life so complete. I might not know how the future hold for us, but I know that as long we are together, we could make things better. I love you forever and always.


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