New phase in life.

Started working right after graduation, skipped internship part time after two days due to some issues which lead me to work for my dad, Something new for me to learn, something new for me to look at it. Adulthood is never something easy to experience, something that we shouldn’t be looking forward to, Im tuning 20 in a few more weeks time, Scary to see that seniors are all celebrating their 21st birthday and I’m going to have it in a year time. I wonder how would I be celebrating? After results are out, I have to plan for my university applications.. then I have to start drafting out my plan for university, my career and most importantly, My life. Talking about graduation trip? I think I have to give it a stop because.. money is an issue and time is another issue. Now that I took up office adminstration work, It is hard for me to leave and go work at the time of my preference and after knocking out from work, I always feel like going back home.. eat dinner, sleep, wake up and I’m off to work again. I’m not sure if I’m adding on another stress level for my dad, but I know that I can relate more better to what he is feeling because I’m standing partly in his shoes. Money is important.. and I hope that I am able to allow him to retire in 10 years time. I hope God is able to give me some guidance in guiding me in my life and sometime I just don’t really understand how do one survive being fake to another? Now that I am in this society, I feel that it is necessary to be fake to others and people always choose to stand onto the side whereby they are able to gain benefit from.


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