Reading habits.

It’s terrible by looking at the amount of time I’m spending online just to read Ebooks. It’s terrible because I can finish a book in a single day.. so this week I finished 5 books and it’s record breaking because I don’t used to do it. But I’m so glad because at least I managed to gain back my reading habits and it’s something that I can do to take things off my mind. I’m not sure if I’m happy with what is happening because things have been rather complicated.. school, relationship and etc. I am starting to hate school. The thought of ‘ should I skip school’ is coming back to me. Complexion isn’t really getting better, this is something that I’m pretty worried about. Well, I’m glad things are becoming better between baby and I, and I’m sure my decision is right. I vow to not leave him no matter rain or shine, because I love him. xx Was desperately looking for someone to talk to and I realise there’s him. So I called him up and he was sleeping, but I managed to throw my words onto him and I was glad that even though he was yawning over at the other side of the phone, he still managed to listen to my nags. So blessed and happy that things are working right for us. 


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