Life is never an easy route.

Everybody used to say that loving someone means it’s everything. As long as the person is there, nothing else matters. I use to think that it’s true but till I started to grow up and realise that, without love you can survive. but without money. You can’t.

Watched “我不可能爱你’ again with weiling and I can cry at the same thing over and over again. This drama is inspiring if you get what the drama is talking about. I always love to watch drama that I can feel myself inside. I can’t wait for UTs to be over so that I can start watching ‘姐姐立志向前走’ which has my favourite person inside. I keep trying to curb my feelings of watching it whenever I read about the comments that people post online. Damn I wish Ut will be over soon.. I’m getting sick of school plus I don’t know how it is to pull through Uts when I don’t know what I should study about. Please give me some strength. I miss the boy so much.


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