Life is always full of ups and downs.

So internship has ended and I’m using my holidays to take a break from the tiring lifestyle that I’ve been going through for the past six months. Currently, Just keep spending time wiht my fmaily, boyfriend and meeting up with friends who I have not met for awhile. Love times like this but thinking about the money, I’m dumbfound. Now I don’t really have any idea of what I should really do when I graduate from polytechnic. To study or not? What I should study about? Or should I work first. Hate making decisions and worst, big decisions.
Went for full body massage with my mother and I realise that my body really have alot of problems… this is crazy… I’m in deep shit.

Called Singtel for so many times, Singtel is really testing my patience. Wtf.
On a happier note, I downloaded ‘we chat’ on my smart phone and it’s able to assist me in listening to his voice. hehe. Happy thing :>


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