My very first big present from my parents.

On the 15th July 2012, it was my off day and I went out with my parents and sister after so long. I was very happy because I couldn’t remember when was the last time I went out with my parents to run errands and all. It was a fruitful well spent day. Went to old turf city at eng neo road and we wow at how big the houses were, it was really huge! But well. I think that the house might be huge but yo will feel rather empty staying inside? Even though I really envy how and what the rich do and all, In the end, I will still rather stick with what I have and will work hard for what I haven’t had. My dad always tell us not to envy, I think that’s it’s true because they might envy us too.

Guess what? On the 16th july, My dad bought a second hand car for me! He buy it without much considerations! I thought he was joking because I told him that we need to consider because it’s a lot of money! I think this is the most expensive present that he ever got for me. Really thankful and felt happy because he look so happy, he brought it to his garage for inspection and then send it for servicing and all and park it home and waited for me to come home. I felt so blessed by my parents. Especially my dad he worked so hard and spend almost all his money on us. I love my parents. A lot more than they could think of even though I don’t always say.


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