I want to have more time.

When was the last time I spend my Saturday eating dinner outside with my family? My right ear is feeling uncomfortable because there’s water inside and I dont know how to get it out. Have been working morning shift these few days and I’m going to start my afternoon and night shift next week which means lesser time to spend on myself and all. Kind of sick of work already, too much politics. Sigh.

Guess what? I saw lady gaga today in real life because she came by private jet and she is humble or maybe I should say, she seems nice. She waved goodbye to all of us. Came home ad prepared for dinner outside with my dear family. So long since I do this and I felt so happy and we just keep talking nonstop. Haha as usual, we are too noisy!! I really miss spending time with my family.

Oh did I mention? I slept the whole day after I came home from work and slept at 5pm till today’s 3am to attend Morning shift! Haha so long since I slept for so long. Don’t know why but my pimples will bleed at times and it’s painful and I don’t know what I should do or what I should apply. Sigh daddy’s going to bring me to the doctor next week again to check on how is it now. Im pretty scared of the results. And not to worry about me, I’m really good.

Oh sister praised me today because she told me that her friends said that I look pretty when I smile. Haha pretty when I smile? My complexion is damn bad and they are lying through their teeths. Haha sick of this. The uncle called me ‘ Mei nv’ when he wanted to pass me the food, I got so turned off. I think these are all too fake, I’m not happy. Hahaha but don’t worry I’m always smiling and I will always do that. So tired already! But I’m quite excited for bf’s rt that is starting tomorrow. Nervous yet excited cause he got to exercise but I hope he don’t over exert himself. Good night!


One thought on “I want to have more time.

  1. Your complexion is not very good now but that doesn’t mean you’re not pretty? Who says pretty means good complexion? Its not your choice that your complexion is like that either. But I’m sure it will get better over time isn’t it? You’re beautiful. You always are. Inside out. And we’ll always love you. You know that. Every though all of us have been busy with our own things but you know you can always turn to us. We’ll always be here for you and we’ll always love you. <3 cheers.

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