Blessed Feb Please.

I’m doing Business statistics practice questions that I’m suppose to hand up earlier on, but because of my laptop I didn’t. I’m pretty pissed with myself because almost everything is not going on my way, I’m starting to regret why did I even fail my TP for the first time? I am very pissed because my laptop is not working, my ear piece is not working pretty well and I even lost my calculator. WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT. I lost it in class somemore. I hope someone found and keep it for me. I wouldn’t have noticed it untill my sister told me… Feb is not a good month for me. I really hope someone will return it to me…. And now driving lessons are screwed because of the schedule of internship and It’s very hard for me to decide on the timing + ut exams too. I’m so screwed. I really hope I would pass it this time round… Please give me a blessed Feb. -Pray-


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