I find myself super ridiculous when I realise that I can only concentrate on my work when there’s no internet access that I can access to when I want to find places to procrasinate. I’m hopeless because switching off my internet access is good but … I still can use my phone to tweet,look and stuffs = No point. I’m a failure. Grh. I still cannot get over the fact that I failed my TP cause I mount kerb and without mount + strike, I would have pass. HAHA NO CHOICE. BUT I JUST LOVE TO NAG AND NAG. I don’t know why but I’m feeling very nervous for my next TP. zz which is still a long way to go…. HAHA. Anyway, It’s a good thing that I studied for Business Stats because I think I can get a pass? Hopefully. cause I don’t want to get another E again. –_ Two is enough. There’s SQPE and PMS left and I’m already looking forward to holidays. I got an A for SQPE previously but I doubt I can do it this time round because I didn’t really study that much? haha and I really don’t know what else to study, that time I only refer to 6Ps and Notes. Grh. I’m so dead. PMS also! I don’t know where to start and I got a D that time. Grh. I’m … Hopeless. Too many things on my mind. My complexion:( IT’S GETTING WORSE. PIMPLES. AND I’M NOT PUTTING MAKEUP ANYMORE.. SERIOUSLY. -PATONMYBACK- HOW TO FACE THE CROWD AND SCHOOL WITHOUT MAKEUP?! BUT I STILL SURVIVE. SIGH. PLEASE GET BETTER. MY SKIN CONDITION…. :( My TP. My results. Money… I WANT TO PASS AND GET MY DRIVING LICENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I’M SO AFRAID THAT I WOULD LOSE MY SKILLS CAUSE I’M NOT GOING TO DRIVE FOR WEEKS OR EVEN MONTH?? I DON’T WANT TO FAIL AGAIN. I WANT TO HAVE THE SAME PERFORMANCE BUT PERFORM BETTER. PLEASE GOD PLEASE. :( OMG SO DEPRESSED. AND MY BF FOREVER NO TIME FOR ME. WHY OH WHY. MY LUCK NEEDS TO GET BETTER AFTER THE NEW YEAR. BLESS ME TO PASS MY TP BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. PLEASE.TP TP TP TP TP TP TP TP


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